Brasserie Gourmande le Gabale

For small gourmet moments …

In a modern and original, with panoramic landscapes illuminated wall Aubrac, the Brasserie offers a gourmet getaway in all simplicity!

You can also opt for a lunch or dine alfresco on the terrace to view.

You will be seduced by a simple and tasty cuisine, after the expertise of the Chef Cyril Attrazic and served by an attentive and efficient team.

Brasserie Le Gabale opening:

Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Closed on Thursday from september (Except Thursday September 23).





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  • Pièce de Bœuf d’Aubrac

Authenticity of the local produce

Charcuterie and condiments, meat frome the Aubrac beef ribs, Trout, Tripoux... That is what arouse your appetite, isn't it? At the Brasserie Gourmande Le Gabale: Menu Gabale
  • starter / dish OR dish / dessert: 27,80 €
  • starter / main course / dessert: 31,80 €