Restaurant Gastronomique Cyril Attrazic

Tradition and evolution

Implanted for four generations, the restaurant has taken off in 1998 with the arrival in command of Cyril Attrazic.
Driven by the passion of its land and its products, he will share with you his knowledge with emotion.

His creativity and originality, now gives him its own culinary identity at the gates of Aubrac.

The country’s children, Cyril and his wife Karine, due to their sensitive and modern approach you prevail in their universe combining tradition and evolution.

In collaboration with the architect Hervé Porte, we imagined a living universe where your five senses will be awakened.

  • Salle du restaurant
  • Pli de veau, artichaut

Here, no standard light are apparent, not even a single recessed spot, no visible means of sound diffusion either. An innovative system was devised to integrate both light diffusion, dissemination and musical sound absorption necessary to confidentiality : To each table its private universe ! Our exclusive playlist, associated with delicate variations of light, warm personalized space.

Opening days of the Restaurant:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: noon and evening

Closed: Monday, Tuesday  and Wednesday (except public holiday).

The restaurant will be closed from Wednesday, January 1st to the end of March.